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21 March 2023

Astrimar participate in Showcase event at MSIP

Astrimar ran an interactive "Innovation & Qualification" workshop at the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc event on 9 March 2023

.It was fantastic to participate in such an important event at Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc in Dundee, Scotland,organised to help innovators, collaborators, and businesses with a focus on green energy, sustainable mobility and decarbonisation. Running our own interactive workshop on 'Efficient Technology Innovation and Qualification', we showcased best practice for effective innovation and technology qualification. Participants also enjoyed finding out about Astrimar's Innovation Management Tool, RAPAT.

To find out more about Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc, please click here.  Full details of the event and participants who joined can be found here

If you would like to learn more about RAPAT, our Innovation Management and Guidance Tool, click here.