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Diver-Installable ROV Panel

Design and manufacture of diver installable temporary ROV panel for light well intervention

The Challenge:

As part of a re-development of an existing subsea asset, our client required a diver-installable, ROV operable, temporary control panel, which would allow the four hydraulic control lines of the subsea xmas tree (XT) to be operated from a Tree Running Tool (TRT) via a four-port hot-stab connection. The panel was required to have a temporary connection to the XT, but was required to have a design life of up to 10 years. The panel had to remain easily accessible for diver or ROV intervention but was required to be located out of the way of other planned modification works, which significantly limited mounting options.

What We Did:

We designed a small and lightweight, but robust, ROV panel, which could be installed utilising a bolted connection to the existing XT hang-off beam interface. The design was developed with ease of diver installation in mind, with low weight, easy access to the interfaces, and as few loose parts as possible, to reduce the dive vessel time required by our client. The panel features diver mateable couplings for connections to the XT, a four-port hot-stab receptacle and parking-port, two ROV operable needle valves, and ROV grab handle, and is supplied with a two-point sling-set for handling.